As a respectable and reliable vendor, it can be quite frustrating to have handling Companies disclose to you that the business you are in implies that the risk is recently too high. Despite the fact that you may know and have the books to demonstrate that your business has been reliable, many will modest away as a result without bounds harm it may bring about. In the event that a bank gives a record to a shipper that later has money related inconvenience, it can harm to the supplier. Thus, why many banks feel they have to pay special mind to high risk merchants to secure themselves. KDS Card Pay is a payment gateway free from all type of risks, we must say that a payment Gateway for High risk business.


Any business with a relatively high charge back rate, for example, a travel business, are additionally high risk merchant accounts. If clients are regularly cancelling transactions¬† and asking for discounts, it is an introduction to conceivable fraud. Merchant account providers would prefer not to see a lot of charge backs in light of the fact that from a business point of view, it’s the bank putting it on line when a refund is issued. There is a reason why most suppliers move in an opposite direction from organizations like this.

Our Services:

We work with high risk merchant accounts are as follows-

  • Consumer Finance.
  • Installment Loans.
  • Quick Payment Distribution.
  • Multilevel marketing.
  • Travel agencies and so on.

KDS Card Pay offers the best High Risk Payment Gateway

Merchants ought to locate a dependable high risk payment gateway to acknowledge payments. KDS Card Pay offers high risk payment gateway that boasts the framework and security merchant need for fast, secure and solid preparing of information between their website and the Visa/MasterCard payment network.

Why choose KDS Card Pay-

  • Most Intelligent transaction system.
  • Accept multiple types of currency.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Save the risk of fraud.
  • Have API Access to the gateway.
  • Save Time and Effort.