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Payment Gateway Role in E-Commerce-

  • Encryption.
  • Authorization Request.
  • Filling the Order.

What does a Payment Gateway do-

Each real Gateway offers a virtual terminal option which empowers merchants to enter in a browser the payment data as they are finishing an exchange via telephone or have gotten an payment over the mail. Additionally, the virtual terminal allows you to make and save client profiles inside the gateway, which you can get to later for a speedier payment processing. Moreover, you can utilize the virtual terminal to set up portion or repeating payment plans, and handle payments. All real payment gateway now support AVS and CVV2/CVC 2 verification services.

A Process of E-Commerce transaction-

  • Cardholder fills out the information at an E-Commerce Website.
  • Gateway Collects the Payment Information and sends it to the processing bank.
  • Processing bank sends the request to the card issuer.
  • Card issuer approves or decline.
  • Processing bank forwards the response through the Gateway.
  • The Processor than credit the merchant account and submit the transaction.
  • Visa or master card then pays the processing bank.