High Risk Payment Gateway

There are some online businesses that are categorized as high risk because of the nature of the industry they belong to and for such businesses it is not easy to operate a merchant account. These business categories are adult content sites, dating sites, online gaming sites and travel service sites among many others to name a few. However, a company likes KDS Card Pay, which is a payment gateway for high risk business would be willing to provide services to such high risk businesses and many others.

Why tech support companies are considered high risk

Tech support businesses like domain registration, ISP and hosting services and software downloads are also categorized as high risk by many payment gateways. KDS Card Pay provides its payment gateway services for such companies as well. It all depends on how well the payment gateway for tech support is able to regulate the transactions of these businesses.

There are a number of reasons for technical support businesses to be considered in the high risk category. Using most customers’ lack of knowledge, many such tech support businesses adopt practices to generate revenue that go against ethical, legal and moral norms. They use software programs to display pop-ups on the reader’s screen showing their contact details. Even a payment gateway for high risk business would hesitate to provide services to such a business.

Unethical acts of a few tech support companies is the spoiler

At other times, such tech support businesses may resort to unethical fear-mongering by talking about unsubstantiated threats to the customers’ computer systems. In many cases, they ask the customers to pay up a certain amount of money using the payment gateway for transferring it to their account. They also ask for money using false references of ‘services’ provided earlier which is totally unlawful. A payment gateway for tech support would first like to ensure that its client does not act in this manner.

A payment gateway with a difference

KDS Card Pay doesn’t apply the same yardstick to measure all businesses in the high risk category. Barring a few businesses in every high risk category, most play by the rules. However, for a category like adult content, it is the nature of the business rather than how it is conducted, that might matter to a payment gateway. With KDS Card Pay, there is no need to pay any charges for activation, annual fee or monthly statements.