KDS Card Pay is an echeck payment gateway for tech support companies that operate globally. The tech support business is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and there have been some issues with regard to malpractices and abuse of opportunities by some unscrupulous individuals. As a result, the process of making payments to such companies has been made stricter with many payment gateways have simply choosing not to deal with them at all. Yet it is also true that most tech support companies don’t fall in this category of cyber criminals.

Benefits of using an echeck payment gateway for tech support

There are many advantages of echeck payment for users. It is an electronic payment process that is initiated from the customer’s bank account. In this process, the recipient’s bank account is credited with the transfer amount within a week. The payout cycle is every Friday and the fee for setting up is very little. There is no monthly fee while a shipper discount of 10% is available for offshore deals. Both VT/API is designated and the integrations are quick. It is a devoted merchant account with own descriptor and no hidden policies. All that a payment gateway for high risk business needs from to send an echeck is a legitimate bank account.

Robust security and multi-level validation

As a payment gateway for high risk business like a tech support company or an online pharmacy, KDS Card Pay ensures that every minute detail about the merchants and their transactions are verified and validated before the transaction is completed. This begins right at the time of registration when a merchant is required to provide all details of the nature of its business as well as tax registration number and bank account details in addition to all other compliance’s. Customer’s security and interest must be the main priority of a payment gateway.

At KDS Card Pay we believe that business cannot come to a standstill due to the malicious activities of a few unethical individuals, who play on the ignorance of customers and dupe them. Sharing knowledge with customers and applying strong and robust security is what needs to be done instead of banning and entire industry.