Because of the way the market is developing all over the world, businesses today are developing their ability to trade online. Ecommerce, which has grown very fast, thanks to widespread use of smartphones and penetration of internet to far flung areas, now covers almost all industries. Unfortunately, a new breed of online scammers have taken advantage of such booming growth in ecommerce, resulting in some industry segments like tech support being categorized as high risk. While most payment gateways don’t allow high risk businesses to use their platform, some agree to be echeck payment gateway for tech support companies and a few other high risk businesses.

Computer systems are the lifeline of businesses

In today’s highly competitive computer system support services market, the tech support segment has been growing very fast. Every business segment today uses computer systems for a number of functions and even those that don’t have any use for computer systems other than accounting, needs tech support services. This is because systems can break down or face errors that can paralyze the functioning of an entire department, e.g. accounting, in the most minimal of cases involving use of computer systems.

Tech support industry can’t be ignored

Hence, one of the key factors driving such growth is the large scale use of computer systems across businesses in all industries worldwide. The tech support industry is now worth over $164 billion and expected to grow steadily in future. There’s no way this critical industry can be ignored or restricted in any way because without computer systems working well, the whole world can come to a grinding halt. An entire industry can’t be penalized just because some scammers gave it a bad name.

Ensuring robust security is the best solution

KDS Card Pay is a strong and robust payment gateway for international transaction that enforces compliance of its operational guidelines and terms and conditions. Any payment gateway that operates in this manner will be able to prevent all illegal activities by merchants listed on its gateway against end users. KDS Card Pay hasn’t marked the entire tech support industry as high risk at random as it doesn’t apply the same parameters to judge all businesses in the tech support industry. This payment gateway runs on a highly secure cloud-based platform which has the technology to penalize merchants that fail to comply with its rules.