Most payment gateways nowadays refuse to allow tech support businesses to use their platforms because this industry has been categorized as high risk by banks and other financial services providers. KDS Card Pay is a payment gateway for tech support companies as well as a payment gateway for pharmacy businesses and it has managed all such clients without any issues so far. No industry stops functioning due to the illegal activities of some scammers that have managed to enter these industries and cause nuisance and loss to customers.

How important is tech support as a service?

One of the key industries that have emerged in recent years is technical support for computer systems. We all know that computers have entered every walk of life today from PCs (Personal Computers) to enterprise networks and everything in between. Like any other equipment, computers also face technical issues and breakdowns, more so in specific industries where they perform operations more intensively than in others. Hence, there are companies providing technical support services to businesses of all kinds as well as to individuals.

Pharmacy services is a critical part of the healthcare sector

It is difficult to imagine how the healthcare sector would function without the network of pharmacies that provide people with access to medicines. Today, there are online pharmacies which ensure delivery of the medicines to customers at their addresses. Again, like any other industry, the pharmacy segment also saw the emergence of scammers who adopted illegal methods like selling prescription drugs internationally. For this reason pharmacy is also considered as high risk as a result of which most payment gateways avoid pharmacies.

Use of proper technology helps in checking fraud

Most scammers don’t have the means to breach technological barriers to dupe customers. They depend on the ignorance and lack of knowledge of customers and slackness of the payment gateway in implementing the laid down terms and conditions. KDS Card Pay is able to effectively operate as a payment gateway for tech support companies as well as a payment gateway for pharmacy businesses because of the highly advanced tools it uses. In addition to that it implements its operational guidelines very stringently and this leaves no scope for scam operators to dupe customers.