Technical support services for the technology sector is a booming industry worldwide with tens of billions of dollars being billed by vendors for the services they provide to their clients. However, there has also been rapid growth of scammers in this industry who have earned a bad name. They took advantage of the loopholes in the industry and also the helplessness of people using such services as all their business activities come to a standstill when their systems face technical errors. As a result tech support has been categorized as a high risk business and now it’s difficult to find a payment gateway for tech support business.

An exceptional payment gateway

KDS Card Pay is one of the few payment gateways that doesn’t discriminate an entire industry after it has been categorized as high risk by the banking industry. That’s because there are always many businesses in any high risk industry including in tech support, that are legitimate and it would be unfair if they suffer for the misdeeds of others. Besides, it makes poor business sense to avoid dealing with legitimate and honest tech support companies. After all, technical support for computer systems is as good as an essential service or a utility now.

Shake out the scammers but save the legitimate businesses

KDS Card Pay has set very strict operational guidelines for all the merchants that use its payment gateway. This eliminates all the options for a scammer to take advantage of the payment gateway right at the registration level. The problem is, not all payment gateways are genuine and those are the ones that either willfully or due to lack of safeguards, allow scammers to get away easily. With a genuine payment gateway like KDS Card Pay, there’s no scope for a scammer to operate let alone dupe any customer.

KDS Card Pay is a payment gateway for tech support business that operate legally and honestly to provide essential services to their clients. This payment gateway offers a very good payout ratio of 75%, easy integration and is supported by and First Data.