When a large number of pharmacies began selling prescription drugs online without necessary authorization, it resulted in the entire online pharmacy industry getting tagged as high risk by payment gateways. Furthermore, it became very difficult to find a payment gateway for pharmacy as most of them were hesitant to deal with pharmacies. It is now very difficult for such a pharmacy to find a payment gateway for its online transactions and it matters little whether a pharmacy sells prescription drugs without authorization since the entire industry is affected.

Other factors resulting in a high-risk tag for online pharmacies

There can be serious issues of non-compliance while shipping such as lack of temperature control or failure of the shipper to deliver the consignment on time. Also, there may be serious issues with the purchase and delivery of such drugs since these are not purchased in the presence of patients but online. The selling of prescription drugs without authorization, violating all norms in the process, is the handiwork of fraudsters who pose as pharmacy merchants. These and many other reasons have contributed in pushing the online pharmacy industry towards the high-risk business category.

Strong enforcement of terms and conditions is the key

Shying away from online pharmacies is not a solution and there are payment gateways with very strong compliance norms that can lead the way in other payment gateways dealing more with online pharmacies. Protecting the customer’s interest and keeping them safe and secure from online criminals posing as pharmacists should be the prime objective of a payment gateway for pharmacy. It should take proper care to ensure that customers are kept away from harm’s way especially since the sale of medicines is related to people’s health and wellbeing.

The alertness of customers about the products they buy and the regulations that cover the sale these products is very little to none at all. They get duped by online merchants that are fraudulent, selling fake and low grade products. Interestingly, the technology with these fraudulent merchants isn’t better than what the payment gateway for pharmacy has. They simply take advantage of the customer’s poor awareness and the payment gateway’s lax enforcement of compliance norms. Hence payment gateways must also share the blame for the high-risk tag on the online pharmacies.