The online pharmacy industry is considered as high risk by most payment gateways because of the acts of some of these pharmacies that sold prescription drugs online, which is illegal in the United States. The lure of easy money is difficult to resist for some folks who overlook the rules regulations just to make a few dollars more. Most of the reputed payment gateways refuse permission to such pharmacies to use their platform for processing payments. However, this is not really a very effective way of stopping those pharmacies that sell prescription drugs online. There is a kind of payment gateway for pharmacy businesses that don’t sell prescription drugs online and these payment gateways ensure that operational guidelines are followed by users.

Denying access to the entire industry is not a solution

We can’t be having a situation where all the payment gateways refuse to deal with the entire pharmacy industry. That’s neither practical nor justifiable because an entire industry can’t be penalized and made to suffer because of the illegal acts of a few pharmacies. There are many people who order non-prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications online. If all the pharmacies are refused access to payment gateways, all these customers will face a lot of difficulty on the one hand while business will suffer on the other. Therefore, a payment gateway for pharmacy should be open to all merchants but must ensure compliance of rules.

Robust compliance prevents misuse of payment gateway

There are elements in every industry that always look for opportunities to break laws and dodge operational guidelines. In the pharmacy industry especially, there are some reckless operators who are not even pharmacists but fly-by-night operators looking for fast buck. They often sell adulterated products that have never been verified for approval and at the same time they won’t think twice before selling prescription drugs online. Unless a payment gateway for pharmacy adopts a strict approach towards compliance, such unethical sellers will not stop their illegal activities.

However, refusing access to the payment gateway, to any and every pharmacy is not the answer to the problem. Payment gateways will have to take up the responsibility of ensuring total compliance of the merchants using their platform, to the operational guidelines.