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We Offer One of the Safest and Most Reliable Merchant Account for Tech Support Businesses

KDS Card Pay offers merchant account for tech support companies, considered a high risk industry by banks and financial services. A merchant account in the high risk category is not easily available because most payment gateways refuse to deal with high risk businesses. The few gateways that allow high risk businesses to operate their platform put limits on the number of merchants they allow and also charge exorbitant fees and other charges. At KDS Card Pay, we charge reasonable fees and all other charges wherever applicable are quite modest.

Merchant account for tech support businesses in USA

A large number of owners of computer systems in the USA, from home PCs (Personal Computers) to enterprise use tech support services mainly from India and some other countries for their systems. Because of the unusually high number of chargebacks from certain tech support businesses especially those from India, most payment gateways have placed tech support businesses in the high risk category. However, KDS Card Pay is one of the few payment gateways for merchant account for tech support businesses in USA.

Merchant account for tech support businesses in UK

The UK is another major market for tech support companies in India and the world over but as with tech support businesses servicing other countries those servicing customers in UK are also considered high risk. KDS Card Pay offers merchant account for tech support businesses in UK as we feel it is not right to ban an entire industry. There are many genuine tech support companies whose services are desperately needed by owners of computer systems. The way to prevent illegal activity by merchants is to enforce the terms and conditions properly and don’t show any laxity in protecting customers.

We use technology to protect the end customer

KDS Card Pay is today able to offer reliable high risk merchant account for tech support businesses in USA because it has invested in installing all the necessary technologies needed to ensure safe and secure operations. We are serious about protecting the interests of the end customer and at the same time offer the right platform to the genuine tech support businesses to use our payment gateway platform to provide the best services to their customers. Most importantly, we don’t take undue advantage of our ability to operate in a high risk industry by charging exorbitant rates from merchants because at the end it is the customer who bears the additional cost.