Payment Gateway for Hotel Reservation

It’s a Lot Easier for the Hotel Industry to Manage Billing With KDS Card Pay

It’s a Lot Easier for the Hotel Industry to Manage Billing With KDS Card Pay

The hotel industry operates in a fast-paced environment and experiences high business volume too. The different segments of the hospitality industry comprise hotels, resorts, and motels that need safe and secure payment processing. As a result, payment gateway for hotel industry must work with payment gateway that anticipates the industry’s most critical necessities and is geared to manage large volumes of electronic payment transactions every day. Needless to say that such large volume of transactions needs a reliable payment processing solution like KDS Card Pay.

A merchant account for hotel industry offered by KDS Card Pay is a customized payment processing solution seamlessly integrates a hotel with a network of systems and high end POS (Point of Sale) equipment. Because of the nature of clientele the hotel industry works with, there return visits especially of business class guests who keep travelling across the world. The payment gateway for hotel industry offered by KDS Card Pay integrates updated hotel reservation with the billing and accounting software for use in recurring payments in such cases.

Although many hotels, resorts, and motels charge their clients use recurring payments on many occasions the clients may opt for a different mode of payment. There are e-wallets and echeck processing options offered by a payment gateway for hotel industry like KDS Card Pay. In case of recurring payments, they are automatically processed for different purposes like reservations dues, memberships or subscriptions among others. KDS Card Pay makes it easy for the hotels, resorts and motels to charge the amount to the same credit or debit card on a regular basis.

Generally he guests offer their credit card details to the hotels using the industry-standard 128-bit SSL secure connection. On the payment gateway server, KDS Card Pay encodes robust encryption and securely sends the details to the banks that are processing the payment. It is able strengthen the security of the hotels using the KDS Card Pay gateway to an large extent with its highly secure automatic IVR and other verification of every single payment that it processes.